+How do I order tickets?

Ordering tickets from Topticketshop.nl is fast, easy and safe. You can order your tickets in 3 steps.

  • After selecting your preferred artist, you often have a choice of multiple dates, locations, and times. Once you have made a choice, you can then click on “Tickets”.
  • You now have a choice of the available ranks and prizes. Here you can also select the number of cards you want. If you then click on “RESERVE TICKETS”, you can fill in your personal details.
  • After filling in and checking your details and selecting your preferred payment method, click “Place My Order” and complete the payment.
  • After that, you will see the confirmation of your order with your order number. You will also receive this confirmation by email at the email address you provided.

+I am unable to place an order, what can I do?

If you are unable to place an order, please contact us by phone. We can be reached on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on 085 744 1447 and we can help you with your order.


Are my seats side by side?

Topticketshop.nl strives to place all seats ordered in 1 order side by side. For large orders, however, we cannot guarantee that all places are side by side. Of course, we will try to reserve seats one after the other or close to each other.


I've already placed an order but would like to order an extra ticket, what can I do?

If you want to order an extra ticket, we recommend that you contact Topticketshop.nl customer service at klantenservice@TopTicketshop.nl. In addition, you can speak to an employee directly at 085 744 144 7 and we can check ticket availability and reserve an additional ticket for you if possible


+Can I buy wheelchair seats at Topticketshop.nl?

Unfortunately, Topticketshop.nl does not offer special wheelchair and companion seats. If you do need one, we recommend that you contact the organization or location of the event.

+Where do I find my order number?

You can find your order number in the confirmation that you received by email after placing the order. If you no longer have the order confirmation, you can also always find the order number on your account statement.

+I did not receive an order confirmation. How is that possible?

The order confirmation was sent by email immediately after placing your order. This email may have ended up in your junk inbox. You can contact our customer service at klantenservice@topticketshop.nl or by phone at 085 744 1447 to request the order confirmation again.


Why are tickets at Topticketshop.nl sometimes more expensive?

Topticketshop.nl is a reseller, our prices are based on supply and demand. For example, when an event is sold out, prices automatically increase. Even if the demand for a particular event is high at Topticketshop.nl, the price will automatically increase. So the event does not necessarily have to be sold out at the original point of sale. Sometimes there are a larger number of tickets available and prices may be lower than the original ticket price. In the airline ticket business, this is known as dynamic pricing and it's completely normal and accepted that consumers don't all pay the same price.

Many customers are regular customers with us because they like us to take the hassle out of finding a ticket for their favorite artist/musical. Also, our customers no longer need to keep an eye on pre-sale dates and don't have to find out which website sells the artist/musical or if there might be a special presale you need to join. In short, Topticketshop.nl makes it possible to decide at the last minute to go to a sold-out event and makes ordering tickets for the digital beet as easy as possible! All without queues.


Why is there a different name on my ticket?

Topticketshop.nl is a reseller of event tickets. For that reason, your tickets may have a different name. The tickets you order are admission tickets to the event. These are not personal. This means that anyone who has an access card has access to the event. It is only important that the bar or QR code on the tickets is easy to read. An exception occurs when the organizer explicitly states that the tickets must be named.

+I would like to change my order, is that possible?

If you want to change your order, this is usually possible within certain limits. To do so, please contact our customer service at klantenservice@topticketshop.nl.

+Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel an order that has already been placed. If you have taken out continuous cancellation insurance with your insurer, it is in some cases possible to claim the costs incurred. We would like to emphasize that we are not responsible for processing the claim and refer you to your insurer for this.


How can I pay at Topticketshop.nl?

Paying on Topticketshop.nl is safe and easy in the following ways:

  • iDEAL (payment via online banking from your own bank)
  • Credit card (MasterCard, VISA and AMEX)
  • One-time authorization (amount will be deducted from your account once)

  • +Can I pay with you with theater or gift cards?

    Unfortunately, you cannot pay with theater or other gift cards with us.

    +When will my tickets be delivered?

    If your payment has been accepted, Topticketshop.nl will make every effort to deliver the tickets to you 10 business days before the start of the event. The expected delivery date is on your order confirmation that we sent you by email.

    +Can I also pick up the tickets at your office?

    It is not possible to pick up or buy tickets at our office.


    Can I sell my tickets to Topticketshop.nl?

    If you are unable to go to an event or you have tickets left for another reason, you can offer them to Topticketshop.nl. On our site, you can fill out a form to offer your tickets. Click here to go to the form.


    How do I check my order and payment status?

    After placing your order, you will automatically receive an email with your order confirmation and login details. With your login details, you can log in at the top of the website and check the status of your order. Once we have sent your cards by email, you can also download them by logging into the website.


    On my (credit card) account statement, I see the name Buckaroo. Who or what is that?

    Buckaroo BV is Topticketshop.nl's payment handler. All payments made on Topticketshop.nl go through Buckaroo and are fully processed by them. If you have any questions about your payment or related issues, please contact us at klantenservice@topticketshop.nl. You cannot contact Buckaroo, they only handle payment transactions and are not aware of the status of

    your order.

    +Can I donate to a charity via TopTicketShop?

    Yes, you can! From time to time, TopTicketShop offers the possibility to make a donation to a good cause when placing orders, for example when a national campaign is underway. You can choose the amount you want to donate. Donations are made weekly by TopTicketShop to the charity in question. A donation is final and cannot be returned to the donor, even if the purchase is cancelled, for example because an event is canceled or postponed.

    +Why am I receiving a voucher?

    In the event of a canceled event, we will automatically send you a voucher worth 110 percent of your original order. You will receive your unique code digitally, at the email address you used to place the order.

    In the event of a rescheduled event, your order will be automatically rebooked to the new date. Are you unable to make it on this date? Please contact customer service to request a voucher.

    The voucher is valid indefinitely, so you don't have to place an order in a hurry. You can use the voucher for any event for which we offer tickets on our site. Your voucher is not personal. So you can also transfer it to someone else or give it as a gift.

    +How do I use my voucher?

    You can enter the voucher in the shopping cart. On the right side of the page, you will see an overview of your order and the total price. Click here: enter the discount code. In the box that appears, you can enter the voucher.

    The voucher is valid indefinitely; are you not using the full value when ordering? Then keep the code safe because you can use it until the entire value has been used.
    Did you lose your voucher anyway? Then you can log in to our site: your voucher is also on your personal page.