About Us

Who are we?

Topticketshop is the Dutch market leader in secondary ticketing. Founded in 2008 out of genuine love for attending live events. Topticketshop is unique in the Netherlands. With us, ordering is fast and easy, so no queues. We strive to offer all events on one website and we offer our customers customized service. You can always call us with special requests or to adjust your order. We are not the primary point of sale. We always list the primary point of sale on the event page. We like to be as transparent as possible, so in addition to the primary point of sale, we also list the original price of each ticket, the so-called face value. Our tip: Check there as well to see if the event is still available and thus make an informed choice. When you choose topticketshop, we ensure a fast, easy and worry-free experience. Prices may be higher than the original prices. Convenience serves man. Choose consciously, Enjoy!

Our goal

The experience of attending an event begins long before you take your first step into the venue, we know that. The anticipation begins the moment you are informed about the event. You start figuring out if you can, who you want to go with and where you want to sit. Those decisions are all part of what can make the experience great ... or , on the other hand, frustrating. With this in mind, Topticketshop has pulled out all the stops to reinvent the experience of buying tickets. We have the best tools in the industry to keep you informed about the best events and organize your live event experience. We continually invest in functionality and information on our site , so you have an enjoyable experience from start to finish and not just during the event itself. We also send you pre-event relevant information such as where to park, where to eat nearby, what time is best to get there. And we have worked hard to be the leader in delivering value, a unique combination of relatively low prices (in secondary ticketing) with premium service. Simply put, we want to provide you with an enjoyable buying experience from start to finish so that you experience not only the event but also the preparation towards the event as top notch. Don't worry, we take care of everything.

Our commitment

We are dedicated to making all of our customers happy customers. We have the most alert customer service in the industry. You can email and call us during business hours so you can constantly get in touch with us in your preferred way. We are here to help you from start to finish ... any time ... all the time. Obtaining the right seats at the right price in a fast moving market requires skilled , efficient , professional coordination. Our full service staff is here to do just that - fully committed to giving you the best buying experience you can get! If your experience is not top notch, we would love to hear about it so we can improve our services.

Our tickets

We specialize in offering hard-to-get tickets. This allows us to offer a wide range of tickets and we often have good seats in the various venues and stadiums. We can often still offer these tickets when the event is sold out by competitors and the original selling point. So you do not have to decide a year in advance that you want to go to an event, but can come to us at a later time. We also do not work with queues, you can just simply order your tickets at your convenience. For the tickets we usually charge a higher price than the official price. But it also happens regularly that we offer tickets below cost price. You can find these on our offers page. We also have less popular events on our website, because we want to offer our customer a full range of services. The customer should be able to contact us for all events in the Netherlands. This is unique in the Netherlands. We not the original point of sale. We find it important that you make a conscious choice. Whether you choose us, a competitor or the original point of sale, you must be satisfied. Fortunately, we always refer to the original outlet so that you can make that consideration yourself.


We try to offer our customers as much flexibility as possible. At the original point of sale, there are always set times events go on sale. This often causes long queues, a lot of stress for consumers and, unfortunately, many disappointed fans who miss out. Not to mention people who are unable to attend when their favorite artist goes on sale. For that very reason, we want you to be able to purchase your tickets from us long before and long after the official sales deadline. If an event has not yet officially gone on sale, we always mention that it has not yet gone on sale, because we think transparency is most important. Convenience serves man. If you reserve a ticket with us that has not yet gone on sale, the Topticketshop team with all its experience, knowledge and contacts will do its utmost to arrange these tickets for you. This is almost always successful. Should we fail, you will receive a full refund.

It is also often possible for us to adjust your order. If you call our customer service then they will work for you. Maybe you want to change the number of tickets, or the grade or even the day, it is usually possible. Canceling your order completely is unfortunately not possible, incidentally this is not possible with any event ticket provider. This is due to the limited shelf life of event tickets. But we always go to great lengths to adapt your order to your changed requirements. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.


It has been mentioned a few times already, transparency is the most important thing for us. We want our customer to be satisfied and that is only possible if he or she makes a well-informed conscious choice when buying tickets at Topticketshop. That is why we always mention that prices may be higher or lower than the face value, with all tickets we list the original value. In our drive for transparency, we also always refer to the original point of sale and explain that we are a reseller of resold tickets. Not in small print but in clear language on the relevant pages.

Sell your tickets

If you still cannot go to the event you bought tickets for, offer them to us through the heading - sell your ticket-. Who knows, maybe these tickets are in high demand by our customers and then we will take them from you. Everyone is welcome to offer their tickets to us, it does not matter where you bought your tickets. Just mention the reason for selling and the price you want for them and our sell-your-ticket team will contact you.

Topticketshop is here for the real fans. And we believe that you are entitled to a top experience not only during the event, but also during the pre-event process.

Sarah and Anouk, Team Topticketshop